Private transportation in Madrid: exclusivity, punctuality, discreetness

You have a busy schedule and you can not waste a minute. You are looking for a private transportation service in Madrid that ensures maximum punctuality and efficiency. A premium service that takes into account every detail: high-end cars in perfect condition, amenities that add comfort to the journey, guaranteed privacy and safe travel on the best route to your destination. A car with a professional driver, specially trained for this job, with whom you can count on at all times to both help you fulfil your professional agenda and to guide you around the city in your leisure time. Nothing is as satisfying as a personalized service tailored to your needs, so at Aurum Experience we give you three reasons to choose us for the next time you travel to the capital of Spain.

  1. Always on time

Whether it’s a business appointment, a corporate dinner or a conference… Whatever event you have to arrive at on time, it becomes a priority for our team. A car with a private driver in Madrid will be at your disposal to pick you up and take you in no time. Every minute counts when you need to fulfill all your commitments.

  1. Travel in 5* vehicles

Forget the stress. While our professional driver is in charge of planning and choosing the best route, you can use these minutes to answer your messages, make some calls, review documents or just relax. In our high-end, impeccable cars, with all the features and guaranteed maintenance, you will be travelling with maximum comfort.

  1. Professional drivers

A private chauffeured vehicle in Madrid is much more than a means of transportation. Our drivers are experienced professionals who know well the routes of the city, who can strike up a conversation with you in your language and who, in addition, can serve as a guide if you need recommendations for your leisure time. Discreet and polite, private chauffeurs offer our passengers the utmost respect for their privacy.


Punctuality, comfort and quietness are just some of the features you will find in our private transportation service in Madrid. Aurum Experience’s highly qualified professionals, exclusivity of a chauffeured high-end car is measured by the personalization of a pleasant experience in which our top priority is our client’s absolute comfort.