Lifestyle Management Services, Aurum Experience Spain

Lifestyle Management, the art of making your life easier

Reaching the summit is always easier if you have good partners. Lifestyle management is a professional service designed to support and provide solutions that allow busy people to face any personal or professional challenge confidently and efficiently. As the secret of those who succeed is being surrounded by people they can trust, this personal concierge service is based on creating the right network, mastering trends, and having the skills to establish public relations at all levels to improve the lives of those who hire it. Fighting for your goals without worrying about any detail is a huge privilege. For that reason, please take a look at some of the many tasks this exclusive personal assistance service can cover.

Delegate anything you need

Dealing with urgent matters can take up so much time and energy, especially if we are in a foreign city. That is why it is essential to have a team you can trust, which is available 24/7 and takes care of your business with diligence. Whether you are spending a few days in Spain or planning a more extended stay, a lifestyle manager will solve any issue regarding safety, transport, or accommodation and will also be in charge of reaching any professional you might require. Private chefs, dog walkers, stylists, babysitters, body and mental health specialists, housekeepers… Skilled staff trained to meet your personal or corporate needs, manage incidents and solve unforeseen events.

Let your agenda flow

Exploring new destinations can be truly exciting and enriching, so hiring a personal assistant will be your best decision. With profound knowledge of the unique features of every city and its surroundings, this professional will schedule visits to the tourist sites you want to see, hire specialized guides in practically unknown spots, or plan experiences that include sightseeing tours, shopping, culinary, well-being, and leisure activities. They will also hire boats with or without a captain to go to sea or charter a private flight.

Surround yourself with experts in finding and getting the best

Certain historic occasions cannot be missed, extraordinary events that take place just when you are passing through a city or private receptions that require a special invite. World-renowned business people, sports legends, and artists develop their professional careers in Spain, and they must have the right assistant who knows how to pull the strings to access the perfect spaces at the right time. A personal concierge who specializes in getting VIP tickets to the most sought-after events is just what you need.

Dine at the finest restaurants

Knowing which establishments set the trend is another of the lifestyle concierge’s skills. Thanks to their extensive network and good culinary taste, you will have access to the most exclusive and in-demand restaurants every time you visit Spain. Attend all your professional and personal commitments, and do not worry about a thing. Your personal assistant will take care of the reservation and ensure you have a memorable evening.

Hire a personal shopper

Choosing and buying anything you need, from the most extravagant item to the very basic, becomes a customized experience thanks to a personal shopper. In addition to taking you to exclusive stores to search for the most fashionable designs, your assistant can also help you find medicines or toiletries, groceries, gifts for friends, family, or clients, and even luxury items that are particularly difficult to source.

Be the perfect host

If you need to organize a private event while in the city, let your personal assistant handle the entire planning. Everything will be of the highest standards, from finding the ideal venue or arranging the entertainment to managing the catering, the servers, the menu, and the bar. Likewise, if you want to make the most of your stay in a city to enjoy its nightlife with glamour, you can ask your lifestyle concierge to recommend and make a reservation at the hippest places.


Time is the greatest luxury. That is why the professionals specializing in lifestyle management are always up to date to be one step ahead and provide you with the best experience while you manage your professional responsibilities efficiently. At Aurum, we have extensive experience in improving the lives of people as unique as you are. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us!